Another sort of 'Art'.....

A Way of Life
Writer and Artist Steven Berryman

'Art is long, life short;
judgement difficult, opportunity transient'

Welcome to this showcase and gallery for my own particular take on the world.

I write, I paint, and I build sculpture sometimes in England, sometimes in Greece. My writing treads the fringes of fantasy, or perhaps I should say, 'Reality with a Twist'. My colourful artwork work can be abstract and quite minimalist at times. It can also be quite sensuous. I love what I do and one way or another, this has been my life since I left college many years ago.

My work often touches people; indeed some find it deeply moving and tell me so. But it's not for everyone, sometimes it leaves people cold. That's the way of things.

Hopefully you may find something here to identify with.

The menu on the left is pretty much self explanatory and will lead you through a series of pages showing examples of my work. If you enjoy it and (maybe) want to know more or even own a piece then please get in touch; I always have work available for sale.

The links at the bottom of the menu may not be so obvious. 'Spetses' leads to a personal guide to my sometime home, the beautiful Greek island of Spetses. 'TERTIUS' and 'Walking Through Windows' link you to the official websites for my writing work.


Steven Berryman

Aaah! The fickle ways of history...
The 'Art is long...' quotation opposite is often attributed to the German writer Goethe . Uhm, well it seems that in fact he borrowed it from Hippocrates, the Greek 'father of medicine'. Click here to read the full quotation and context.