So.... what qualifies as 'Craftwork' as opposed to 'Art'? I've heard many forthright opinions on the subject over the years; usually made by 'artists' trying to distance themselves from the rest of the world. Read that as you will. Anyway, you will find a selection of (marginally) more functional items on this page... but please don't ask me for my definition of 'Craftwork'.

Another 'grey' definition. Monoprints, some computer generated stuff and some works that I once described as 'drawings' but which an art 'expert' once insisted were lithographs(!). If nothing else, you will find variety on this page

In the past I have been paid to work as a photographer at times, but that in no way makes me a professional photographer (my opinion). I use the medium mainly for reference. Nearly all the photography on this site is mine and these sets of pictures expand a little on the sort of images that I enjoy looking for.