Larger Works

  gaia_1 gaia_2
flow_acrylic fissure_acrylic bluecut_acrylic enfold_acrylic
contact_acrylic meeting_acrylic capriss_acrylic exposure_acrylic

Smaller works

  monroe_pink harlow_green
earth_watercolour impression_watercolour terra_oil terra_2_oil
front_acrylic yellow_oil green_mix_media red_oil


My painting lies at the heart of my visual work. It's what I started with and it's probably the aspect that has progressed and developed most over the years. I have put a page of older work on the site here which chronicles some of that progression.

Over the years I have worked mainly in Acrylic paint with occasional trips into Oil or Watercolour. Mostly my work is abstracted from figure or landscape sources and very often from both.

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