cappadocia_turkeyIn March 2005 I made my first visit to Turkey; four hours in the country on business. So I went back properly a few months later and, amongst other places I visited this rather incredible part of the country. Photos probably don't do justice to the uniquely weird landscape... but, I've tried to capture something of the feeling of Cappadocia...

milos_sunsetSunset on the island of Milos. Perhaps the Greek island sunset is a bit of a cliche shot. But when the atmosphere is right, there is really nothing to touch it. These pictures were all taken around the area of Plaka and Kastro on Milos, one of the Clycladic group of Greek islands.

sky_cutBlue Skies in Greece? On the rocky little island where I live, virtually all the electricity and telecoms services are still carried on overhead cables stretched from pole to pole and house to house. I wondered at one time if was possible to find a house with a sea view that was not interrupted byone of these wires... I'm still not sure about that one.
But perhaps there is a perverse beauty in the way in which these wires cut across the sky as if carving it up into so many packets of Real Estate.

arch_lightAn older set; these pictures record the changing sky from the verandah of my studio. Looking East on the afternoon of October 6th 1999. The camera was fixed and shots were taken every 30 minutes between 1630 and 2030. No filters or special tricks were used which does account for the colour cast on the last two. This would make a few professional photographers that I know shudder in horror - but for this work, that is not the point.

And for those interested. The bright spot in the last image is not a blemish on the film; it is in fact the planet Jupiter rising into the view!

You can find more of my photography on my 'Spetses' website. In particular, this set of images which document the aftermath of the fires that devasted much of the Spetses forest in August 2000


These sets of pictures were chosen, almost at random from my files. I think they illustrate the sort of images that I look for and may eventually make use of in my work.