About me...

Briefly. I was born in the South West of England sometime in the middle of the last century and after a couple of family moves ended up in the far west of Cornwall, that final, most southerly bit of England before the Atlantic Ocean. I went to both School and Art College in Cornwall and then settled in the English Midlands (near Nottingham) where I lived, brought up my kids and made my career until everything changed.

Why move to Greece? The best answer I can give is to say that it was an intuitive move. It felt like the right thing to do. I have lived on the island of Spetses since 1998 and have never once regretted my decision to move my life here.

Art. Well, one way or another art has been at the centre of my life. Since leaving college in the mid 1970s I have drawn, painted, written, illustrated, sculpted and designed stuff to pay the bills. Occasional part time forays into art teaching, antique trading and other odd diversions have crept in there from time to time; but at the core it has been, is now and perhaps always will be the creative urge that underpins and determines my actions.

What drives me?

' To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wild flower.'
That line is by William Blake and those words perhaps answer the question pretty well. I can cut it down to two words... Our Universe.

Anything and everything in it's moment can become a source of inspiration in my work. From knowledge of the smallest sub atomic particle to the vastness and void of intergalactic space. From the certainty of a granite cliff face in Cornwall to the ethereal and fleeting moments as sunlight ripples across the pebbles on the seabed. Moments; the sound of Glenn Gould playing Bach as the full moon rises, the first sunlight of morning catching the curve of Christiane's shoulder and neck as she lies sleeping beside me. I have always loved nature and as time goes on I realise more and more that I love humanity as part of that nature. And it is in that boundary between man and the natural world where my work finds it's fullest expression.

But no matter how deep the motivation, how thorough the research and how skilled the execution of any piece of art is though, at the end of the day every painting, every sculpture, every book, every piece of music relies for it's success or failure on you - the viewer. Whatever any critic, artist or 'expert' might say, your own instinctive response and the way the work communicates with you is what really matters.

Who influences me? Apart from the natural world, I have always found other people's work very influential on... well perhaps not so much directly on my work as on the way I look at and understand my world.

When I was at school, I lived just 10 kilometres or so from St Ives in Cornwall, centre of one of the great art movements of the 20th Century. It was an opportunity that I blissfully ignored at the time and only really started to appreciate properly many years later. But I find inspiration in the work of many; artists such as Botticelli, Turner, Picasso, Matisse, Kelly and Turrell, writers like Whitman, Vonnegut and Heinlein, scientists like Feynman and composers like... well I won't even start on that list 'cause it will run for pages.

Seek out the visionary work of James Turner, Robert A Heinlein or James Turrell; Read 'Complexity' by Roger Lewin or 'Air Mass' by Turrell.

If you see the paintings of Ellsworth Kelly as landscapes then we are communicating.


Steven Berryman
Artist, Writer, Traveler

So, what does someone like me do with their time?

Mostly I write, paint or sculpt. But, let's be honest, that doesn't always pay all of the bills. I do other things too. If it interests me, doesn't conflict with other objectives, earns me money... well, hey! I could be interested.

If it involves travel I'm even more interested. The sea behind me in the picture above is the Pacific Ocean and from time to time you may even find me sitting up front in a Tour Bus in Italy with 40 odd high schoolers behind me

A job title? People seem to expect one.... In Robert A Heinlein's book, 'The Moon is a Harsh Mistress', one of the lead characters has a business card describing himself as a 'Poet, Traveler, Soldier of Fortune'. I like the sentiment.... just that word 'soldier' troubles me. Wrong connotation nowadays.... Think I'll just stick with 'Artist'.