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Why Skybox?

The name of this website has nothing to do with... computer games, satellite TV, or anything else except my work. Skybox is a name I've used on variations of this website since 1997.

The work the site is named for in fact dates back to the early 1990's. I had recently encountered the work of artist James Turrell face to face for the first time. Somewhat overwhelmed by the experience, I very much wanted to explore and develop some of the ideas behind his work in my own way. Without a convenient source of room sized spaces available for experiment, I constructed a cube framework 500mm on each side and used this to build experimental installation proposals. These pictures show some of those experiments that photographed most successfully.

Since then my work has moved on in slightly different directions... more curvy some have been heard to say. But the approach seen here still underpins much of the thinking behind my work.... I don't remember just who it was who originally named this piece my 'Skybox' but I liked the name and have used it ever since.

Who knows; the original Skybox is still sitting there in my studio so it may yet have a further role to play in my artistic life.