smoke_sunrise fire_plane_spetses spetses_fire fire_helicopter
smoke_sky dark_road stark_trees burning_tree
smouldering_hills smoking_forest ashen_tree charred_forest
burnt_forest ash_trees remembered_hills forest_fire_plane


Forest fires, or if you prefer 'wildfires' are an ever present danger whenever you have trees growing in a region with hot dry summers.... like Greece.

Although fire is to some degree a part of the natural forest cycle, sadly nowadays, malicious and sometimes just plain criminally careless people are often behind the fires that ravage the Mediterranean countries each summer.

Greece hit the world headlines in 2007 with series of devastating fires in the Peloponnese mainland. Spetses escaped that year. But we suffered our own devastation in both summer 2000 (mailciousness) and again in 2005 (negligence).

These photos were taken during the major fire in August 2000. This was just one of more than 20 fires that some brainless moron got away with setting that summer.

The forest recovers in time... but at what price?