Sadly(?) most of the 'Robins' left here don't look much better than this... I don't think the bricks were a factory option. I know one guy called Kostas who still uses his regularly... but I only ever see him drive it at night. Perhaps he doesn't want to be identified with the car!


Here's what a 'smart and tidy one looks like.


A 1975 newspaper advert for the Greek made 'Mebea'

The Reliant Robin
or Mebea

Only a tenuous connection to Spetses.....

These three wheeled plastic bodied cars from England became popular here during the 1980s as away of getting around the restriction on using cars. The argument (apparently) goes that as they have only three wheels they are 'technically' motorbikes.

They were even manufactured under licence in Greece for a while by the 'Mebea' company in what must be almost the only example of a Greek car manufacturing industry

Nowadays, most of them on Spetses have worn out and they lie disused in backstreets around the town, although you do still see one chugging along the road from time to time.

They were often known as 'Plastic Pigs' in England... this term was used with either affection or derision depending on whether you loved or loathed the.

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