Spetses Churches

The Orthodox Christian Church is deeply ingrained into Greek society; you don't need to be here for long to realise that. In some places, it seems as if there is a church on every street.

Out of sheer curiosity I once tried to count the churches on this island. I gave up at around 50 something, when I realised I had counted one of them twice and couldn't remember about the one next door!

So that's about 1 for every week of the year, although in fact only about 5 or 6 of them hold regular Sunday services. Most are only used for weddings, baptisms and for the annual nameday celebration of the Saint they are dedicated to.

This image shows one of the oldest churches on Spetses. In the part of town called Kastelli and dedicated to the Virgin Mary, this is church is the focus for the celebration of the Assumption of the Virgin on August 15th every year; one of the biggest public holidays in Greece.