Winter fruit

I've written elsewhere about the colourful contrast between Greece in the spring as opposed to the summer.

Winter and spring are the fruit harvest times here. Nearly every garden in Spetses town has at least one lemon or orange tree and many have several. This January picture could have been taken in any one of a hundred or more places around town.

And olives? They're an autumn harvest.... unless you want black olives in which case you leave them on the tree to ripen unti mid-winter.

And a personal note to close this page. A popular winter pastime all over Greece is the gathering of wild herbs such as Oregano, wild asparagus or greens (known as Horta). Some years ago I took the time to learn the Wild Mushrooms that grow in profusion here between December and February each year. Many local people are deeply suspicious of my actions.... but curious too. We quite often dine on these delicious fruits of the forest in winter.