posidon royal

Poseidonion Hotel

Reopened in 2009 after a mammoth refurbishment this grand old hotel which dominates the Dapia harbour is a real echo of times past on Spetses.

The hotel opened first in 1914. The brainchild of local business magnate Sotirios Anargirios, a man who's vision has helped to preserve Spetses as we see it today. The island had become a very fashionable place to visit during the early years of the 20th century and this hotel, apparently modelled on the Hotel Negresco in Nice, was built so that the wealthy weekenders from Athens would have have somewhere suitable to stay

In a state of dissrepair for a long time, it is now open for business again and, to be honest, is just about as 'luxury' as you can get in the hotel world. You don't need to famous to stay here... just rich. But the terrace is a wonderful place to step out of the modern world for coffee for an hour or so without breaking the bank.

August 2010. Spetses became the venue for a Royal Wedding, as Prince Nikolaos, the son of the Constantine, the exiled King of Greece married Tatiana Blatnik here. This hotel was the focus for a lot of the events as the eyes and cameras of the social world all pointed briefly this way. You can find better pictures in Hello Magazine.... but here you can see Tatiania Blatnik as she prepares to leave the hotel for the church.