That's 'Spetses' for those millions of you who don't read Greek.

'Its pine-forest silences were uncanny,
unlike those I have experienced anywhere else;
like an eternally blank page
waiting for a note or a word' *

Welcome, this is a very personal/unofficial promotion site for my my chosen Greek island - all opinions expressed are entirely my own and unashamedly biased!! I lived on the island for several years and can still be found there, whenever I get the opportunity.

The menu on the left should be pretty much self explanatory. The button at the foot of the list will take you back to my main website.... just in case you should be interested in who I am and what I do...

Pictures are all my own photography unless otherwise credited and most images link to larger versions.

Feedback is always welcome. You may not agree with my opinions.... that's your privilege, but let me know anyway.

Steven Berryman

*The quotation above is from the introduction to John Fowles' novel 'The Magus'. Fowles lived and worked here as an English teacher during the early 1950s and the (fictional) novel is largely set on Spetses.


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