Links about Spetses? Google returns going on for quarter of a million pages! So, plenty to pick at.

I've been a bit more selective here, but at the end of the day it all depends on what you are looking for. I have no financial interest in any of the sites I am linking to here... although I know many of the people involved with them. I am mainly trying to give a range of options for you.

Hellenic Seaways is the main company sending hydrofoils and catamarans from Athens in our direction. The other sites include: The Orloff Resort, perhaps the best of the new crop of Boutique hotels here. There's the recently refurbished Poseidonion Hotel if you really want to go luxury, the 'Official' island website and several other sites for views and other information about the island.

If you know a good site about Spetses, let me know. I'll check it out and perhaps include it on this page.