Old Harbour: 2 boats

Old Harbour: Rowing boat

Old Harbour: 3 Spetsiot's Church

Spetses: Old Harbour

Spetses: Gateway

Spetses: Decay

Images of Spetses

Flexing my artistic bit for a moment. These images were produced partly as a response to requests from friends to see 'my work' about my island in a more accessible form....

Printed digitally onto 300gsm Montval paper, these images are being produce in limited runs of 250 copies; each one signed and numbered by myself. All images are a standard height of 185 mm printed on 200mm high paper. Width varies from print to print, averaging around 110mm.

Supplied unmounted, these prints retail at 12 Euros including standard postage to anywhere in the world. Order 5 and I'll put a sixth in for free!

Delivery. An apology up front. Your order will be processed, but Christiane and I are frequently traveling and, as we don't have the back up resources of, say Amazon(!), it may sometimes take a week or two before we can get your goods into the post.